Zohula Wedding Party Pack - 20 Pairs

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Zohula White Wedding Party Pack - 20 Pairs

A selection of beautiful white wedding flip flops with a unique love heart patterned sole, designed to gently sooth and revive your guests feet after taking off their shoes.

These fantastic flip flops have a 13mm soft sole making them extremely comfortable to wear, especially for long periods of time, they are complimented by a gorgeous translucent glitter strap with Zohula brand logo.

Each pair of flips flops comes inside an organza bag decorated with sequins and each pair also has a tag so you can write a personal message or greeting if required.

The Zohula White Wedding Party Pack Contains:-
20 pairs White Wedding Flip Flops
20 organza shoe bags
20 tags to write a personal message or greeting for your guests

Flip Flop Sizing
[S] Small 3-4 (EU 35-37)
[M] Medium 5-6 (EU 38-39)
[L] Large 7-8 (EU 40-42)

The Zohula Wedding Party Pack is available in a choice of size combinations:-

  • 3 Pairs Small - 12 Pairs Medium - 5 Pairs Large [Sx3][Mx12][Lx5] 
  • 2 Pairs Small - 15 Pairs Medium - 3 Pairs Large [Sx2][Mx15][Lx3] 
  • 4 Pairs Small - 10 Pairs Medium - 6 Pairs Large [Sx4][Mx10][Lx10] 
  • 20 Pairs Medium [Mx20]
  • 20 Pairs Large [Lx20]
  • 10 Pairs Small - 10 Pairs Medium [Sx10] [Mx10]
  • 10 Pairs Medium - 10 Pairs Large [Mx10] [Lx10]

Price is for 20 pairs including tags and organza bags


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