Zohula HOKU Supreme Party Pack - 20 pairs

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Zohula HOKU Supreme Party Pack - 20 Pairs


Treat your guests to the ultimate in wedding flip flops.

Our Hoku Supreme Party Pack contains 20 pairs of the most comfortable flip flops ever (anyone who wears them will most certainly agree) so your guests will never want to take them off even after the party has ended.

These trend setting flip flops have the look and feel of Hawaii from top to toe. Their authentic graphic style draws on colourful local artistry and culture, ready to be slipped on whenever you want to feel the sun and have fun beneath your feet.

The soft material in between toes prevent soreness, a unique cushioned foot bed which in time moulds to the shape of your foot creates the incredible comfort with which these flip flops have become renowned.

The Zohula HOKU Supreme Party Pack Contains:-
20 pairs White HOKU Flip Flops
20 Organza Bags with Sequins
20 Write on tags so you can write a personal message or greeting
White Wicker Presentation Basket with Cotton Lining and Decorative Bow.

Flip Flop Sizing
[S] Small 3-4 (EU 35-37)
[M] Medium 5-6 (EU 38-39)
[L] Large 7-8 (EU 40-42)

The Zohula HOKU Supreme Party Pack is available in a choice of size combinations:-

  • 3 Pairs Small - 12 Pairs Medium - 5 Pairs Large [3xS][12xM][5xL] 
  • 2 Pairs Small - 15 Pairs Medium - 3 Pairs Large [2xS][15xM][3xL] 
  • 4 Pairs Small - 10 Pairs Medium - 6 Pairs Large [4xS][10xM][6xL] 
  • 10 Pairs Small - 10 Pairs Medium [10xS] [10xM]
  • 15 Pairs Medium - 5 Pairs Large [15xM] [5xL]
  • 10 Pairs Medium - 10 Pairs Large [10xM] [10xL]
  • 20 Pairs Medium [20xM]
  • 20 Pairs Large [20xL]

Price is for 20 pairs including basket


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