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Zohula flip flops were born from the desire for an extremely comfortable but practical flip flop for charities such as street pastors and street angels where they could be used to help people who were unable to walk in bare feet. Zohula originals are still available today and continue to be supplied to these charities helping them continue with their valuable work.

The first pair of Zohulas for weddings were worn in 2013 by a happy beach wedding bride and her bridesmaids. The unique heart embossed sole gently massaging the foot as they walked along the beach. The heart pattern and glitter strap have today become instantly recognisable as Zohula wedding flip flops and favoured by the most discerning of brides. From these beginnings Zohula rapidly became the leading brand for brides.

In 2014 Zohula launched 'Just Married' flip flops, created by brides wanting to leave a lasting imprint in the sand announcing that she has just married. These amazing flip flops have become the latest trend to have for all brides getting married abroad or to take with them on their beach honeymoon.

Following many requests from soon-to-be brides, in 2015 we launched our Wedding Flop Flop Party Packs. These make great wedding favours for your bridesmaids and guests alike. Place your party pack by the dance floor and watch everyone take off their heels and slip on a welcome pair of flip flops. Your guests can dance the night away in comfort, then finally take them home as a lovely reminder of your fabulous wedding day.